Lumiram HappyMood™ Lite Light Therapy Pad

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⚡️increase energy + alertness

🌗 reset circadian rhythm + sleeping patterns

😀 improve mood

Bright Light Therapy

How it works

Our eyes detect the presence of light through specialized non-visual photopigments called melanopsin (a light-sensitive retinal protein). Melanopsin is most reactive to shortwave blue light, which, if activated by the presence of light, sends off a signal to our brain's hypothalamus. Within the hypothalamus, lies a cluster of cells (called the suprachiasmatic nuclei, or SCN) whose job it is to coordinate our daily cycles of behavior and physiology with our external environment. 


Who it's for

The most common use of light therapy is to treat SAD, a type of seasonal depression during the fall and winter caused by a lack of sunshine. But you don't need to suffer from a clinical diagnosis of SAD to enjoy the stimulating benefits of bright light therapy: think of bright white light as a vitamin to be taken each day for optimal health and wellness! 

Customer Reviews

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Holly M.

The Happy Mood Mini Full Spectrum Light Box works really great! My eyes feel better and I notice a lift in my energy to some degree when I use the light box while I'm working! I don't get out in the sun much and get enough light, I can tell this is helping!