R25 / 60W Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent Reflector (Plant Lamp)


By closely mimicking nature’s sunlight, Chromalux® promotes people's (and plants'!) sense of health and well-being all year round.

Our full spectrum plant lamp bathes both you and your plants in a pleasant oasis of light, full of the beneficial spectrum your house plants require to grow strong and healthy indoors, and you require for your well-being!

These are normal R25-sized full spectrum incandescent flood lamps; don't let the Plant Lamp name scare you! It's just an homage to our best-selling flood bulb for plants of the past.

Features of Chromalux® Reflector Lamps:

-Neodymium glass filters out dulling light frequencies, revealing crisp light and vivid colors.

-Real silver reflector instead of a painted on reflector for superior light quality, luminosity, and brilliance.

-Outside frosting instead of inside frosting for less glare and light that is softer on and better for the eyes.

-Chromed brass socket instead of an aluminum socket for superior lamp life and to prevent corrosion.

Voltage: 120V
Wattage: 60W
Color Temperature/light appearance: 3750˚K (natural and soothing)
Lumens: 585 (Clear glass) /  560 (Frosted glass)
CRI: 98
Base: Medium/E26
Bulb size: Length: 4.31’’ Diameter: 3.188’’
Average Rated Life: 5000 hours

Made in France. Chromalux® lamps fit any standard fixture.

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