Chromalux® Full Spectrum MR16 - 50W


Chromalux® full spectrum halogen MR16 lamps are carefully handmade in the US and uniquely equipped with our patented titanium dichroic reflector (most MR16 lamps are sprayed or aluminized), which allows for a beautifully crisp and vivid beam of pure white light that won't fade over time. A color-corrective, pure neodymium lens offers an outstanding color rendition of everything it illuminates and ensures the purity of the light is never garish or blue.

An outstanding light for use in track or display lighting. Use these full spectrum halogen MR16 lamps for tasteful illumination of artwork or for creating visual interest in a room.

No LED offers the same purity as this particular bulb; trust us, we've tried.

This is a bi-pin (GU 5.3) base MR16 intended for use in low-voltage (12V) applications.

As an added bonus: low-voltage bulbs produce no EMF and virtually no flicker. Many consider these to be the healthiest display bulb possible!

About Chromalux®

The ultimate light bulb for your health and well-being! Chromalux® full spectrum lamp has been enhancing people's lives and the spaces they live in since it was first created in Finland over 60 years ago. 

All Chromalux®  bulbs contain neodymium glass which filters out yellow and other dulling frequencies of the light spectrum, resulting in purified light with enhanced violet, blue, green, and red tones. The result is an environment that comes to life: colors are more vibrant, textures enhanced, and contrast increased.

Benefits of Chromalux®

Many of the benefits of Chromalux® lie in our signature neodymium glass, which purifies light to provide the ultimate soft, crisp, and pure natural light that helps you see better and makes you feel better, all while providing your body with the pure, full spectrum of visible (and non-visible light) it requires.  

Feel Better: Well-being all year round

Chromalux® provides your body with the pure full spectrum light it was designed to receive by closely mimicking nature's sunlight.

Just like the quality of food we ingest, the quality of light we use can make a difference in our overall well-being and vitality. 

Chromalux® bulbs contain more of the soothing red spectrum with no artificial peaks in the visible light spectrum, which is consistent with natural daylight, and unlike most types of lighting available today.

See Better: Eye Health, Visual Comfort+Acuity

Chromalux® bulbs are naturally low in flicker, but the real difference is seen through its signature neodymium glass, which filters glare and creates better contrast and definition between colors, tones, and textures, to finally allow your eyes to relax and see clearer. Thanks to these inherent chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux® has been a top recommendation for the low vision population since the 1980s, and has been shown to enhance visual acuity. 

Enhanced Environments: Pure+Vivid Colors

Chromalux® is the original neodymium glass light bulb, which works by purifying the visible light spectrum - removing glare and dulling frequencies - while strengthening violet, red, blue, and green values. As a result, light is filtered, cutting glare and revealing the most beautiful crisp and vivid colors.

The Chromalux® light bulb brings the beautifully enhanced colors, texture, and contrast inherently present under natural sunlight, back into the home. 

Under Chromalux® light, you'll notice colors, textures, and tones become more vibrant and your home more alive: very much like photoshop for real life! 

Where to use

Perfect for use in track lighting, pendant fixtures, or display lighting. Use Chromalux white beam halogen MR16 lamps for tasteful illumination of artwork or for creating visual interest in a room.

This is a bi-pin (GU 5.3) base MR16, intended for use in low voltage (12V) applications.


Voltage: 12V
Wattage: 50W
Technology: Halogen
Glass Color: Lavender
Light Appearance: Warm + Soothing
Lumens: 550
Base: Bi-pin GU 5.3
Bulb Size: Length: 2.94″ Diameter: 1.75″
Beam Spread: 20˚ Spotlight or 38˚ Floodlight

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Damages + Breakage

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🌈 incredible color balance and acuity

☀️ balanced, full spectrum light

⚡️low flicker, EMF safe

Experience life in full color

We invite you to discover the difference a simple light bulb can make.

The lighting you choose is the lens with which you view your surroundings. With such a profound effect on your well-being, motivation, and general outlook on life, your choice in lighting should never be an afterthought - it's the glue that unifies all the other healthy lifestyle choices you make - like whole nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and mindfullness practices - into a beautiful, nuanced, and expressive life.

Enhancing people's lives and the spaces they live in since it was first created in Finland over 60 years ago, Chromalux® is a simple, wholesome tool you'll love to include in your wellness arsenal. As you'll quickly discover, Chromalux® isn't just a light bulb - it's a way of life.

Our Magic Element

Without ever turning it on, the most noticable quality of a Chromalux® light bulb is its lovely lavender glass. Responsible for this lovely tint and the pure light output of Chromalux® is the element neodymium.

A stunning lavender or blue color in appearance, neodymium is an earth element that possesses some unique color enhancing and purification qualities.

Neodymium acts as a filter - absorbing dulling components of the visible light spectrum - like yellow - to purify your environment and naturally enhance colors and textures.

When used in Chromalux® light bulbs, these color enhancing and purification qualities are simply stunning.