Our Story

Our Story Starts in Finland...

Where our founders conceived the concept of what would eventually become the first neodymium glass full spectrum light bulb on the American market.

Upon discovering that Scandinavian doctors used a special lighting technology that enhanced color and contrast to detect skin abnormalities in their patients, inspiration struck our founders, Jacques and Corinne, to think about the wonders such a light bulb could do in the home...

Armed with the belief that our homes should be an oasis we relish, full of color, purity, and nuance, they got to work testing their concept of a light source to satisfy that belief.

Everything from the specific formulation of neodymium used in the glass bulb, to the type of filament and socket, has been tirelessly refined and tested over the years until only the purest light remained!

Years later, when immigrating to the US from France, they brought along their fledgling company Lumiram, as well as their new lighting concept and glass technology for the Chromalux® light bulb we now enjoy today, hoping to spread this beautiful light through the homes of their new fellow Americans.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Present Day

Before the days of online shopping, Chromalux® light bulbs were found in health food and specialty lighting stores. As retail pivoted online, so did Lumiram, creating Healthlighting.com in service to all wanting an easier, more informative experience around buying Chromalux® and other natural lighting products.

Still very much a part of Lumiram, we are a team of lighting connoisseurs and advocates of healthy living, operating out of New York.

We hope to inspire you with the nuances of light: so that you may discover the many ways pure, beautiful (and, of course, healthy!), light can uplift and enhance your life. 

As we always say, life is only as beautiful as the lens you view it through! The lens, in this case, being your lighting. 

Though our history is long, our founding values remain the same, if not even more relevant today: to create a high-quality light bulb whose light is as beautiful as it is natural, pure, and healthy, and to provide the feeling of wellness that we all deserve to live under! 

We appreciate you being here; thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. 

All the best in light and health,
The Healthlighting team