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Lovely ambiance

These give off lovely soft light that relaxes my eyes. Very nice quality as well.

Good quality lightbulbs

I changed my lightbulbs because I wanted to reduce the dirty electricity and EMF's that other lightbulbs carry. These work very well. They are brighter than I thought they'd be at 60w. I like the feel of them and knowing I am doing what I can to reduce artifical lighting in my environment. The customer service is excellent! They are thorough. I would recommend them.

B10 Clear – Candelabra Base Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent Chandelier Bulb (E12 candelabra base)

My eyes like these bulbs

I was looking for a bulb that was easy on the eyes and I have found it. With other bulbs the light seemed too harsh or my eyes strained. I would describe it as a pleasant light. It just works for me.

It makes a diffrence

The Chromalux, full spectrum light makes me happy. And I am very impressed by the customer service; when a bulb arrived cracked I was quickly issued a generous replacement.

I love Chromalux!

I have had a chromalux light bulb for a very long time in my art room and I decided to switch to having them in my house in the most important light fixtures. I find that they are very invigorating and help with creativity and make me feel better and give me more energy, which is why I ordered a whole bunch, because they are not available in Canada and hard to get. I'm so glad I discovered Healthlighting!

Eye Relief!

As soon as these light bulbs were put in the bathroom fixtures and I flipped the light switch, my body was able to relax and my eyes felt a prayer of gratitude!! I'm so glad and grateful to have ordered them.

60 watt bulbs

What an improvement in the bathroom.
I used three 60 watt bulbs, replacing three hundred watt LEDs. So much easier on my eyes. I love these full spectrum lights being one that is sensitive.I may also install a dimmer switch.


Two lights were defective out of box but customer service took care of order and sent two replacement bulbs. Replacement bulbs intact. 5 Stars, Life Happens.

I can read again!

My last order was 2 yrs ago, so I replaced all 4 lights. Only one had burned out. What a difference. The bulbs were shipped the following day & were delivered quickly! Thank You!

Good light for photography.

I have been using these lamp for years in my studio. Mounted in a Westcott Spiderlite equipped with a suitable light modifier (softbox or stripbank) the daylight balanced and high CRI output of these lamps can yield a wonderfully diffuse and complementary light. I find them superior in this regard to several other lamps I have tried. I also use them for the light fixture above my calibrated monitor for photo editing on my computer. So, all in all, a crucial component of my color managed workflow.

Meets expectations at a good price

Well crafted unit meets expectations. Improvements would include a dimmer and rubber feet on two sides so the unit can be stood the tall way. Satisfied customer and I would recommend to others.

Buy with confidence

My main concern was breakage during shipping, but they were packaged very well and arrived intact. I just installed them in my studio and their light is slightly blue, as compared to my old GE Ecolux bulbs. Those were 5000K though. I think I'll like these better

Love these LED’s !!

I’ve placed three orders for LED bulbs. The coloring is beautiful. ALL my light bulbs are being replaced by bulbs from Healthlighting. Great service, great packing and shipping, and not one broken bulb on arrival.

The Happy Mood Mini Full Spectrum Light Box works really great! My eyes feel better and I notice a lift in my energy to some degree when I use the light box while I'm working! I don't get out in the sun much and get enough light, I can tell this is helping!

Noticing an improvment in eyesight issues

I chose these bulbs for my kitchen because it is in the center of the house with no windows, with no natural light. The Chromalux Full-spectrum bulbs brought the sunshine in! Beautiful balanced color light. Another benefit is the 72W bulb gives an equivalent to the old 100W bulbs, so now I have even more beautiful light. I love it!

What a difference! My eyes don't hurt anymore. Great product. Will probably be buying more in the near future.

So wonderful to hear! Thank you for your kind words!

This light is so needed here in Michigan in the winter months.

The light is so warm and of such high quality. I’m so thankful to know about this company.

Thank you for your kind words, Andrew!