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Really nice lighting!

I like them a lot. They don't glare like the new style of bulbs do and you can see really well.

Back to the best lighting

I was tired of using LED lighting. Not healthy for your body, especially in the fact it inhibits your Melatonin. I love my new lights!! Softer on the eyes. No LED to ruin my eyes. Just beautiful lighting.

Wonderful Light

I replaced the incandescent bulbs I was using in several lamps to Chromalux I liked the quality of the light so much I ordered more so that every lamp and light fixture in my house was this wonderful light. I'm really glad I came across these bulbs!

So gratefuf for this healthy light !

It does not contribute to dirty electricity and that is a relief to me.
Also as a writer who sometimes does art work I embrace the full spectrum
aspect of it and hey it just makes life prettier!

53W a Winner!

These light bulbs are great! Since there was a sale going on, I thought I'd stock up. And I wanted to try the 53W in my torchiere floor lamp because the 72W I bought before still seemed too bright in the evenings. Nice difference for my eyes!! Thank you for your great products!!!

Love these bulbs.

After trying LED which is waaaay over the top a friend recommended I try these. They are great especially for our sconces!!

Love this light

We replaced our old lights with these. They are beautiful and I think it helps my daughter who is very light sensitive. She gets migraines and I believe this will ease the discomfort she was having.

Healthier Alternative

I was using a bright light for Seasonal Affective Disorder-type symptoms. It was helping avoid depression due to less sunlight at this time of year, but I’m sensitive to various forms of electromagnetic fields and preferred not to use an LED light for that reason. This light isn’t as bright, but it seems to be working as a good substitute. I set it to the 150-watt setting in the dark hours of the morning and I’m enjoying my days. Thank you.

This make us so happy!

This purchase was made in hope. And we were rewarded beyond expectation. We probably use this more than you "should" - but to us it's the sun in a very rainy winter! Anytime someone it tired or glum, we turn it on, and we wake up. It's like a teddy bear - we do not want to let go, it gives us something akin to comfort ... it gives us light and nurturing. Thank you!

Beautiful enjoyable light

Wow…I can’t believe it. I somehow was sucked into the “save money- switch to LEDs craze. I should have known about these lights years ago. No more stark white dead lighting in this house. It actually changes your whole mood to be in a room with this beautiful lighting.

love these lights!

I can honestly say I enjoy spending more time in all of rooms that I’ve installed these lights. The overall feel is soothing… that’s the best way I can describe these. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan, and already placed an order for my mother’s house and siblings. Have to share this experience with them, never thought light would make such a difference, always learning. Thank you 🙏

Love my new Chromolux 150W clears

I absolutely love my new Chromolux 150W clear lightbulbs. Not only do they cast a beautiful glow on all of my woodwork ,but I physically have a better sense of wellbeing working underneath them.

Lumiram Candelabra Base Bulbs

Thes bulbs are my very favorite. No glare and no headaches. Health lighting is fast and easy to order on. The bulbs were perfectly packed to insure safe arrival.


Man what a difference these bulbs make! Changed the whole house and difference is palpable even to the kids.

Really love the lights, they help us feel more cheerful on mid-winter grey days. Love the color of the lights, makes rooms feel warmer

Lumiram HappyMood™ Pro Light Therapy Lamp

Money well spent!!!

It works great, It got rid of that winter time RUN DOWN FEELING.
Even if I'm not getting enough sleep I'll be sleepy but not dragging like I had been feeling.
Also I think it boost your sex drive.

Calm light

It’s a little dimmer than other halogen lights but by far feel so much refreshing.

That’s what real light looks/feels like

The light is better than expected. We transitioned the whole house to get closer to natural light and reduce our EMF exposure. Immediately after switching out our LEDs for these and unexpected “ahhhh” and smile came upon our faces. Middle of winter in the Pacific Northwest of the US can be tough, these lights have helped immediately. Thank you for crafting such a beautiful product!

very happy with these lightbulbs

The light looks and feels so much better than the traditional incandescent light bulbs. it feels more natural and relaxing to me

Love it

Healthy bright choice

Love Them

I love the hue these bulbs give off. Not overbearing by any means. It makes me happy that there is health benefits to these bulbs.

Lighting done right!

I’m so pleased to have found these bulbs which are emitting true light that is healthy and at a frequency which also promotes well being!..these bulbs stand alone from all others not only because they are incandescent but they utilize a healthy spectrum of color..they are pricy but are worth it in the big picture of healing light technology and frequencies! It is a travesty that in the U.S. they have gone to led’s which are toxic..

Game changer

Switched all lamp bulbs and they look and feel fantastic! Warm not yellow.

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