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Lumichrome® 1XX Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb - 6500K / 98CRI (Daylight White)

These are wonderful

I just love these lights! I don't like LED lights, they bother my eyes. Since I replaced my LED's with these lights I feel calmer and more relaxed as well, it's amazing. It truly makes a difference.


This is an amazing light, slim device, which is comfortable to hold. Small size makes it convenient for traveling.

Welcoming, warm, unoffensive

I hate LED lights. They are too bright. These light bulbs are the perfect answer to the offensively bright LEDs of today

How can I do a review on it when I haven't received it yet.

See healthy!

The light feels so healthy! I love waking up with it and ending the day with it!

Beautiful lighting

Works well.

This is a fine alternative to LED lights. I hate LED.

Good for growing annuals in pots in complete shade (but under these lamps at night)

Bright light at night is also a good security feature.

Beautiful clear light

Just like the light bulbs we used to have, only better! Very clear and bright. Packing is super. Customer service is very helpful.

Homey lighting

I am so pleased with our bulbs - they are so comforting and offer up a homey ambiance (in addition to knowing they are so healthy for my family!)

Wonderful soothing light!

Healthy lighting Really Works

Lighting works great!

The light bulbs are a big help for my sensitive eyes

I totally love these lightbulbs. I’m in an apartment with very few windows so the bulbs help make up for that.

How light bulbs should be!

I bought the 3-way bulb, and I love it. The color is great, and it’s exactly how a light bulb should be… no pale washed out white color. Just a soft, bright glow.

Real light!

I love my new lightbulbs. It is so good to have all full spectrum lighting in my home again. I’ve had it in previous houses. Just not this one. It feels so good. It feels good to my eyes and my senses and feels wonderful in my home. Creates a wonderful ambience. And I love, knowing that it is healthy besides feeling healthy :-)

The Best

I love the full spectrum bulbs! They are so soothing on the eyes and I noticed my body relaxed immediately with them. They bring out the true colour of the paint on the walls and give off a warm light that enhances everything! N

Softer Ambiance

We changed from LED to these Chromalux lights and we noticed a difference right away. A natural vet recommended these lights to help doggies and kitties with anxiety they get from the LED lights. It's working for us! We are very happy with the change in light....it's seem brighter but feels gentle and it's easier to read with this light late at night.

A beautiful warm light

My wife and I are very pleasantly surprised at the quality of light these bulbs produce. We selected the warmer type. They emit a very warm inviting light, I might even call them nourishing. The light is 'substantial'. It's very pleasant to be in a room lit by them.

So far, so good....

I've been using the bulbs for 1 week now, so it may be too early. It seems like the room light is 'softer' vs the 'harsher' daylight led lights that were being used before.

Shattered bulb in box upon delivery, bulbs do not last even a few months...6 burned out under 90 days use. No ROI. Wanted to like and use due to full spectrum but not feasible.

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear that!
Please send a quick email to our team info (at) healthlighting.com, so we can replace those broken/failed lamps, all of which are still under guarantee for free replacement.

Let me know if you need help with anything else!
Best regards!

Light bulbs

Excellent lighting

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