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LEDs Are Not the Answer

LED lighting is being pushed as a(nother) sustainable way to save energy. What doesn’t get counted are all the LED sensitive ones who can’t tolerate the corrosive energy that takes its toll on health. I tried buying local, but all the store have stopped carrying incandescent. It’s just nuts! Anyway, I’m so happy to have found Healthlighting and Chromalux full spectrum bulbs. I’ve used the bulbs in the past and love the light. Healthlighting’s services are also primo. Thank you! In health and joy,

Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lights

I love, love, love my new lights! My large kitchen is now bright & cheerful!
Thank you! 💖

A19 / 60W Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent Bulb

I love how this lighting helps me feel relaxed

the best

These bulbs are the best! They give a beautiful, natural light, and the energy saving bulbs (70W give 100w light) make me happy, too.
Easy to order, well packed, and arrive quickly.
Thank you for a great product.

Love the light

Just purchased the three way bulb and some 60W bulbs to try over the winter. My hubby suffers from SAD when the days shorten.So far I think they're wonderful. I love the color of the light they emit. Also, I have pretty severe glaucoma and have light sensitivity, but this light is much better for my eyes. No glare, so I can see better when the lights are on. I guess that's a nice side perk! Don't know yet how well they work, but so far I'm extremely happy about this purchase.

I have used these bulbs in the past
They are great
Which is why I have ordered this batch

Beautiful relaxing light

I purchased the 150W bulbs. I love how it is bright and almost feels like the natural light from the sun.

I love these bulbs!

Lovely, warm, natural feeling lighting

Lumiram Natura™ Full Spectrum PAR38 LED 24W

5 out of 6 working

Home workspace has chandelier lighting with 6 bulbs that have been working for daily for past 2 years or more with standard candelabra bulbs. Recently my Health Coach came over and said I needed better healthier lighting and recommended Chormalux full spectrum lights. I ordered the 40W Candelabra Base Clear bulbs. Upon putting them in 5 where good, but 1 was dead on arrival and/or with first electricity turn on. Hoping the other 5 bulbs last longer. Lightening does appear better, but only first day so will require many more to notice an overall health difference.

Hi Laurel,

Thanks for your purchase and sorry to hear about that one bulb you received! Sounds like the filament was knocked loose during shipment. We'll go ahead and refund that one bulb for you now.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else via email at The team is always happy to help!


G25 Clear 40W Chromalux Full Spectrum Vanity Bulbs

I’m very happy with the new lights that are so soft and balancing, 2 bulbs for my floor lamp that is 100W maximum.

Natural looking light and responds well to dimming

This has a much nicer quality of light than the other brands of neodymium floods that used to be made. I think It has a lot to do with the reflector material, which i understand to be made with real silver rather than silver-colored paint. They have a very pleasing glow when dimmed, almost like being around a camp fire. They are expensive, but if they last as long as they are rated for the cost works out to be about the same as regular incandescent bulbs.

Lovely ambiance

These give off lovely soft light that relaxes my eyes. Very nice quality as well.

Good quality lightbulbs

I changed my lightbulbs because I wanted to reduce the dirty electricity and EMF's that other lightbulbs carry. These work very well. They are brighter than I thought they'd be at 60w. I like the feel of them and knowing I am doing what I can to reduce artifical lighting in my environment. The customer service is excellent! They are thorough. I would recommend them.

B10 Clear – Candelabra Base Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent Chandelier Bulb (E12 candelabra base)

My eyes like these bulbs

I was looking for a bulb that was easy on the eyes and I have found it. With other bulbs the light seemed too harsh or my eyes strained. I would describe it as a pleasant light. It just works for me.

It makes a diffrence

The Chromalux, full spectrum light makes me happy. And I am very impressed by the customer service; when a bulb arrived cracked I was quickly issued a generous replacement.

I love Chromalux!

I have had a chromalux light bulb for a very long time in my art room and I decided to switch to having them in my house in the most important light fixtures. I find that they are very invigorating and help with creativity and make me feel better and give me more energy, which is why I ordered a whole bunch, because they are not available in Canada and hard to get. I'm so glad I discovered Healthlighting!

Eye Relief!

As soon as these light bulbs were put in the bathroom fixtures and I flipped the light switch, my body was able to relax and my eyes felt a prayer of gratitude!! I'm so glad and grateful to have ordered them.

60 watt bulbs

What an improvement in the bathroom.
I used three 60 watt bulbs, replacing three hundred watt LEDs. So much easier on my eyes. I love these full spectrum lights being one that is sensitive.I may also install a dimmer switch.


Two lights were defective out of box but customer service took care of order and sent two replacement bulbs. Replacement bulbs intact. 5 Stars, Life Happens.

I can read again!

My last order was 2 yrs ago, so I replaced all 4 lights. Only one had burned out. What a difference. The bulbs were shipped the following day & were delivered quickly! Thank You!

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