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Made a big difference!

I replaced the bulbs in two overhead fixtures in areas where I do a lot of work, and for the same wattage, the quality of light in those rooms is greatly improved. Colors and fine details are greatly enhanced, and eye strain that I did not even realize I was suffering - stopped. I will be replacing bulbs throughout the house with these!


The most beautiful natural light. I didn’t realize how much I hated LEDs. I’ll be buying flood lights very soon. Thank you healthlighting!

100w chromalux full spectrum

Im so glad that I found your company and that you have the bulbs . As somebody that sews and reads alot you have made life a bit easier. Thanks

Been using these Chromalux/Lumiram bulbs for decades.


Beautiful light

These let off the perfect amount of light and it’s natural feeling. We love them.

A21 / 100W Chromalux® Full Spectrum Bulb

I love these bulbs!

Really enjoying the bulbs. I will continue to purchase even though price a bit high for me..but I am a person who actually notices things like lighting..and these give off such a pure light..love!!!

A21 / 72W Chromalux® Enhanced™ Full Spectrum Bulb


I have S.A.D. (Seasonally Adjusted Disorder). Nothing cures it like the beautiful natural light of Chromalux bulbs and Healthlighting is a pleasure of a company to deal with. Quick ship, pleasant, accommodating. A great commercial experience. All products and vendors should be like Chromalux from Healthlighting.

GREAT alternative

I am very, very happy to have found these bulbs. Having tried to adjust to LED lights I don’t like them - these bulbs provide soft and soothing light. I am very glad to have discovered them.

Beautiful natural light…forget LED….

Worth every penny.


I was a little put off by the cost of these full spectrum can lights, but once they were installed, I absolutely loved them! My kitchen has no natural lighting from windows so it was like bringing the sun into the long hours I spend prepping vegetables, juices, and smoothies. And I feel happier!
I’m going to gradually buy these lights over the months so it’s not a big bill to buy so many at once.
I think we all intuitively know those LED lights that are being pushed on us, cast a strange, artificial glow and do not make us feel good.
Quality full spectrum lights are the answer!
Thank you, Healthlighting!!!

Amazing lights

I love these lights I would buy again.

Easy on the eyes

The light in my bathroom is so much easier on the eyes and the reading lamp has a comfortable warm light. So glad I changed out the bulbs.

An inviting Home

We have had several guest who, in visiting our home, said it was so warm and inviting. We attributed the comment to having. Health lighting throughout our home.

Clear, bright light

Glad that I was able to find your company! The company I used to order full spectrum bulbs from doesn't offer them anymore. As the old ones wore out, I started replacing them with regular bulbs, but the light seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer. What a difference your bulbs make! The room seems so much brighter and happier now! Would appreciate it, though, if you would consider making a frosted 40 watt globe light as well. I've got six of them in my bathroom fixture - only replaced two with your bulbs so far. But I'm afraid the intensity will be too much when I finally use all six of your bulbs! Thanks!

In nova

My wife enjoys the lighting much better now.

Wonderful 150 watt light

Fantastic. Learned the bulbs bought in store are not the same quality. Thank you for your business. Would buy 45 watt if available

Chromalux Nice Bulbs

These bulbs have a nice and clean output. Do they have a 50 watt version ?

Love these bulbs

I have had some of these bulbs for almost 10 years! I enjoy the natural soothing lighting! And fast efficient shipping! Thank you for being my calm in such a harsh unhealthy LED world!

Always beautiful light-givers!

As a photographer I have been using the Chromalux bulbs in my live-in studio now for over 20 years. They never disappoint....it's as simple as that!

The most beautiful light that lasts forever

I can't say enough about how much this light improves our home and gets us through the dark, wet Pacific NW winters. We've used these lights bulbs for many years and have never considered switching. It really helps that the bulbs last forever!

Fabulous light bulbs

These bulbs are great. They reduce eye strain, migraines, and help with overall well-being. They give you energy without over-stimulating you. They are calming and help reduce anxiety.

The bedroom light I saw a big difference. it makes my bedroom cozy and warm.The other lights are nice.


These are so great- Less harsh on the eyes and system. Will buy more

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