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This product is Revolutionary!

Immediately the light feels warm and kind on your eyes. No harshness. I'm very sensitive to light. My eyes feel soothed!!

Nice lighting

I really like the 3-way bulb I bought from Health lighting. The light is much more natural than the 3-way bulb I bought at the hardware store.

Chromalux® Full Spectrum PAR20 60W

These are wonderful Healthy Bulbs for eyes etc.

This is far better than the blue light and listen abilities of the LED lights

Bulbs broke hour 1 of use

Calming easier reading

To read better is very important. These lights on first impression provided Great reading for less eye strain .

A19 / 60W Chromalux® Full Spectrum Bulb


I do like the all spectrum light that comes from your incandesecnt light bulbs.
thank you,

New Kitchen Lighting

I could immediately feel a difference. Love these bulbs.

love these bulbs and I hate LED light bulbs

Soft and inviting. I have retina problems and these bulbs feel so soft on my eyes and yet I can see the tasks I am doing. I am changing all my old bulbs.

I love these lights. Been using for years. Pleasing to the eye.

So amazing. I love how they make my space feel and my plants love them!

So brilliant yet soft!

We have a long line of lighting over our kitchen counter and the previous halogens were very sharp. Our new full spectrum bulbs are so beautiful and much more gentle on our eyes.
Actually ALL lighting in our house that we have converted to Healthlighting is WONDERFUL and so much easier on our nervous systems. Don’t fret about the cost!! It is absolutely worth it! YOU are absolutely worth it!

Wonderful lighting

I use this LED light in a home office near a window; it is compatible with daylight and the illumination look nice regarding my Webcam. The onboard fan is very quiet and the bulb runs cool. Well done!

Excellent lighting

These lights are relaxing. In addition, i think im focusing better as i read. Plus, my plants are so green looking. In fact, all the colors in my house are are so rich looking. I love the lights.

Husband is a believer

I have been wanting to change all my light bulbs for two years. I finally did and my husband was surprised. He noticed the difference immediately. Expensive but worth it. I'll be purchasing more in March.

Vanity lighting

Love the feel it gives and the color. Want more.

Love the light! Bright but not offensive!


3000K LED Floods provide really nice light for my home office.

so easy to use with any desk lamp and i've been using every night since i got it


I Love the new lights. I bought some last year and bought more this year.

Free Gift! A21 / 75W Chromalux® Full Spectrum Limited Edition Bulb

We very much like this lighting. No eye strain, headaches, or difficulty with color, just pleasant light.
Thank you

So much easier on my eyes

I love my new bulbs ... it sounds crazy but I feel like they make me calmer/less anxious and strain my eyes less!

Great led bulbs

This would have been a 5 star except that the harp had to be replaced with a taller one to accommodate the extra height of the led vs incandescent bulb.

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