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Discover the life-enhancing difference a simple light bulb can make!

See better and feel better with the original light bulb for health and wellness — the most unique and beautiful light you'll ever experience, short of sunlight itself. Create your own oasis of colorful and uplifting light with Chromalux® full spectrum light bulbs, a pure and natural light more relevant than ever for modern-day life. With unique color and contrast enhancing abilities and a list of benefits usually reserved for wellness products, Chromalux® isn't a light bulb - it's a way of life.

There's more to light than meets the eye

There's more to light than meets the eye. Not only is our light good for the eyes, it's a beautiful, inspiring light source that serves as a nourishing balm for the body, mind, and soul. It's the ultimate light bulb for your health and well-being!

Chromalux® full spectrum lamp has been enhancing people's lives and the spaces they live in since it was first created in Finland over 60 years ago. 

This is not your average light bulb, nor should you live under an average light!

The original light bulb for health + wellness since 1959

All Chromalux® bulbs are made with our signature neodymium glass, neodymium being the element that gives our bulbs their beautiful lavender appearance and outputs a pure and beautifully crisp vivid light!  

A natural element abundantly found in Earth's crust, neodymium has some fascinating color enhancing and purification effects.

Acting as a filter for the visible light that passes through it, neodymium absorbs dulling, yellowing components of the visible light spectrum (555nm to be exact). Since the human eye is overly sensitive to that yellow/green color range and less so to red and blue, this unique light bulb will allow you to see life in full color, purifying your environment and naturally enhancing colors and textures in a way unlike any ordinary light bulb!

But the real magic is in the benefits...

Benefits of Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light

Feel Better

Lighting to uplift your life.

You know the regenerative feeling of the sun beaming down on you? The way nature's colors and textures are colorfully vibrant and full of life? A Chromalux® light bulb brings that environment - the vivid colors, texture, and contrast inherently present under natural sunlight - back into the home!

The Chromalux® bulb creates a soothing yet vibrant interior space that you'll love to live, work, and play under. By closely mimicking sunlight , Chromalux® provides your body with the pure full spectrum light it was designed to receive, full of the beneficial wavelengths and color we're all wired to thrive under.

See Better

A sigh of relief for tired, strained eyes.

Chromalux® bulbs are naturally low in flicker, but the real magic lies in its ability to cut glare and create better contrast and definition between colors, tones, and textures. The light of Chromalux® has a what we call a crispening effect, so black text will seemingly "lift" off a white page, making it easier to read under, see under, and work under. Many first time customers say they can feel their eyes sighing a metaphorical breath of relief!

Yes, unlike most lighting out there, our bulbs do as intended and help you see!

Plus, thanks to these inherent chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux® has been a top recommendation for the low vision population since the 1980s, having been shown to enhance visual acuity.

Pure, Vivid Color

See life in full color.

Chromalux® is the original neodymium glass light bulb, which works by purifying the visible light spectrum, removing glare and dulling frequencies while strengthening red, blue, and green values. As a result, light is filtered, cutting glare and revealing the most beautiful crisp and vivid colors. Under Chromalux® light, you'll notice colors, textures, and tones become more vibrant and your home more alive. We like to say Chromalux® is like photoshop for real life!

Our Story Starts in Finland...

Where our founders conceived the concept of what would eventually become the first neodymium glass full spectrum light bulb on the American market.

Upon discovering that Scandinavian doctors used a special lighting technology that enhanced color and contrast to detect skin abnormalities in their patients, inspiration struck our founders, Jacques and Corinne, to think about the wonders such a light bulb could do in the home...

Armed with the belief that our homes should be an oasis we relish, full of color, purity, and nuance, they got to work testing their concept of a light source to satisfy that belief.

Everything from the specific formulation of neodymium used in the glass bulb, to the type of filament and socket, has been tirelessly refined and tested over the years until only the purest light remained!

Years later, when immigrating to the US from France, they brought along their fledgling company Lumiram (and later, Healthlighting), as well as their new lighting concept and glass technology for the Chromalux® light bulb we now enjoy today, hoping to spread this beautiful light through the homes of their new fellow Americans.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

What Real Light Looks/Feels Like

"Immediately after switching out our bulbs for these, an unexpected “ahhhh” and smile came upon our faces. Middle of winter in the Pacific Northwest of the US can be tough, these lights have helped immediately." - Jeremy

I love Chromalux®!

"I have had a Chromalux® light bulb for a very long time in my art room and I decided to switch to having them in my house in the most important light fixtures. I find that they are very invigorating and help with creativity and make me feel better and give me more energy!" - Barbara

Heaven has these lights

"I could not even express how insanely amazing these lights are. I am a highly sensitive being. I can't under the blaring lights they make now. These lights make me feel peace and calmness ... I have sent this website to every intuitive friend. Thank you for the gift of healthy lighting." - Dena

I can see again...literally

"My eye's are getting much better since I swapped my bulbs. The eye dr. told me blurry vision comes with older age (mid 40's)....he was wrong...it was the lights. I no longer need readers and I don't have blurry vision anymore since I swapped out my bulbs for these." - Karen

A Prayer of Gratitude

"As soon as these light bulbs were put in the bathroom fixtures and I flipped the light switch, my body was able to relax and my eyes felt a prayer of gratitude!!" - Mary

Chromalux® FAQ

What is the difference between Chromalux® full spectrum bulbs and other full spectrum bulbs?

Standard daylight full spectrum light bulbs are a different bulb entirely from the Chromalux® line of full spectrum bulbs, which use neodymium glass to filter out yellow and other dulling frequencies of the light spectrum, resulting in a beautifully pure and vivid light with enhanced colors and contrast.

Standard types of full spectrum light bulbs are typically LEDs that emit a full spectrum of daylight white light (between 5000-6500K color temperature). While these bulbs are beneficial in the morning and daytime to help with energy and alertness (thanks to the biologically necessary blue color wavelengths to activate our circadian rhythm), they don't necessarily replicate colors well and can cast a garish yet dulling appearance to everything. Many people also complain of glare and eye strain, which is, unfortunately, a symptom of most LED lighting.

Our bulbs will appear gentler and more soothing in comparison, and colors will also be more vivid and true to life. The effect is also more subtly uplifting. Additionally, our classic, non-LED bulbs contain nourishing infrared energy (of which natural sunlight contains plenty of), an additional nourishing boost to our lamps that no LED light bulb can claim.

In a nutshell, our light technology allows you to see and feel better while enhancing your environment and inspiring you in a way standard full spectrum bulbs cannot!

Ideally, you could use standard daylight full spectrum bulbs along with our unique Chromalux® bulbs for the ultimate uplifting and natural lighting environment! Or, just try both and see which one feels best for you!

Will Chromalux® work in my existing lamps and fixtures?

Yes! Chromalux® is available in most standard bulb shapes and sizes. Just check the max wattage your fixture can accept and choose your corresponding Chromalux® bulb accordingly!

Is Chromalux® dimmable?

Yes, most of our bulbs are dimmable with a few exceptions. Check individual product descriptions to be sure!

Does Chromalux® contain UV?

Chromalux® does not emit any UV.

Are full spectrum bulbs similar to light therapy boxes? Will they benefit someone suffering from SAD?

This is a great question! While full spectrum light bulbs definitely help those suffering from SAD, they are not considered a standalone treatment for seasonal depression. Light therapy boxes provide a much stronger intensity of light and can be used only for about 30 minutes a day, while Chromalux® full spectrum lighting can be used without restrictions (like a normal light bulb).

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