R40 / 150W Clear Chromalux® Full Spectrum Reflector


An incredibly soothing and nourishing glow of pure Chromalux® light.

Chromalux® incandescent bulbs are the ultimate tool in supporting your health + well-being. They are, by definition, low in blue lightlow in flickerEMF-safe, and absolutely beautiful.  

The incandescent chromalux® flood lamps have a purifying, soothing, and inviting effect on a room. Our clear glass R-style flood bulbs, in particular, offer a more striking ambiance, clarity, and crispness of color than our frosted flood lamps. If you do not need to dim your overheads, we highly recommend giving these a try. 

Features of Chromalux® Reflector Lamps:

-Neodymium glass filters out dulling light frequencies, revealing crisp light and vivid colors.

-Real silver reflector instead of a painted reflector for superior light quality, luminosity, and brilliance.

-Chrome brass socket instead of an aluminum socket for superior lamp life and to prevent corrosion.

Made in France. Chromalux® fits any standard fixture. 

Please note this bulb - though beautiful - is not dimmable. 

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    Andrew P.

    This light is so needed here in Michigan in the winter months.