R40 / 150W Clear Chromalux® Full Spectrum Incandescent Reflector

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An incredibly soothing and nourishing glow of pure incandescent Chromalux® light.

Chromalux® incandescent bulbs are the ultimate tool in supporting your health + well-being. They are, by definition, low in blue lightlow in flickerEMF safe, and absolutely beautiful.  

The incandescent chromalux® flood lamps have a purifying, soothing, and inviting effect on a room. Our clear glass bulb offers a more striking ambiance than standard frosted flood lamps. 

Please note this bulb - though beautiful - is not dimmable. 

Features of Chromalux® Reflector Lamps:

-Neodymium glass filters out dulling light frequencies, revealing crisp light and vivid colors.

-Real silver reflector instead of a painted on reflector for superior light quality, luminosity, and brilliance.

-Chrome brass socket instead of an aluminum socket for superior lamp life and to prevent corrosion.


Voltage: 120V
Wattage: 150W
Color Temperature / Light Appearance: 3750˚K (Soothing White)
Brightness: 1,975 lumens
CRI: 99
Bulb Size: Length: 6.75’’ Diameter: 5’’
Base: Medium/E26

Made in France. Chromalux® fits any standard fixture. 

    Feel Better: Well-being all year round

    Chromalux® is designed for extended usage as a healthy replacement for ordinary light bulbs. Chromalux® provides your body with the pure full spectrum light it was designed to receive by closely mimicking nature's sunlight. Chromalux® bulbs contain more of the soothing red and violet spectrum with no peaks or valleys in the visible light spectrum, consistent with natural daylight, and unlike many other types of lighting.

    See Better: Eye Health, Visual Comfort+Acuity

    Chromalux® bulbs are naturally low in flicker, and its signature neodymium glass filters glare and creates better contrast and definition between colors, tones, and textures. Thanks to its inherent chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux® has been a top recommendation for the low vision population since the 1980s - found to increase visual acuity for age-related and other sorts of visual degeneration and sensitivities. Chromalux® works for more than just the low vision population, though. Anyone can feel the soothing difference of living, reading, or working under this unique light. While all Chromalux® bulbs provide soothing vision benefits, it's the light of Chromalux® incandescents in particular worth noting. Our eyes prefer the analog glow of incandescence, the type of nourishing light our sun provides!

    Enhanced Environments: Pure+Vivid Colors

    Chromalux® is the original neodymium glass light bulb, which works by purifying the visible light spectrum, removing glare and dulling frequencies while strengthening violet, red, blue, and green values. As a result, light is filtered, cutting glare and revealing the most beautiful crisp and vivid colors. Under Chromalux® light, you'll notice colors, textures, and tones become more vibrant and your home more alive.

    Healthy, but Beautiful:  Shop Chromalux® Full Spectrum Light Bulbs


    About Chromalux® Bulbs:

    How do I know which Chromalux® collection is best for me? 

    We wrote out some of the key differences between the collections here. Let that be your first guide. From there, just find the bulb type you need! 

    Are Chromalux® bulbs dimmable?

    Yes, all incandescent and halogen bulbs are dimmable. If a particular bulb is not dimmable, it will be noted under the product description.

    Will Chromalux® work in ordinary light fixtures? 

    Yes. Chromalux® is available in most standard bulb shapes and sizes. Just check the max wattage your fixture can accept and choose your bulb accordingly!

    Does Chromalux® contain UV?

    Of the two familiar UV types - UVA and UVB - Chromalux® contains a minute amount of UVA. None of our bulbs contain UVB - the type of UV that causes skin tanning and damage - except for specified special reptile bulbs which contain 10% UVB. 

    Is Chromalux® a colored bulb?

    Chromalux is a pure, naturally balanced light source emitting a clean, white light. Chromalux® bulbs are made of a special glass containing neodymium, an earth element that absorbs yellow and dulling components of the light spectrum. As an element, neodymium appears either lavender or blue in color.  So don't worry, Chromalux® bulbs don't emit colored light; quite the contrary!

    What does Chromalux® full spectrum light look like?

    Like a cloudless sky on a crisp and clear summer day! Chromalux® bulbs "de-haze" environments, making your interiors come to life with enhanced color, contrast and textures, all in a pleasant and soothing way.  

    Which Chromalux® collection do you recommend for daytime usage? how about at night? 

    While all Chromalux® light bulbs could be used at any time (due to an increased soothing red spectrum), we find the incandescent collection to be perfect for night time usage, and the enhanced collection for daytime usage.  

    All other FAQ

    What is the difference between clear and frosted light bulbs? 

    The clear glass bulbs will usually be a few lumens brighter than a frosted version. A good rule of thumb: think frosted glass for general lighting and clear glass for more striking, ambient lighting. If you have eye sensitivities, we recommend frosted glass. Glass type, whether clear or frosted, does not affect the color temperature or appearance of the light.

    I'm concerned about EMF. Which bulb is safest for my home? 

    Incandescence is the purest form of artificial light. If EMF is a concern for you, we highly recommend Chromalux® incandescent light bulbs, or Chromalux® Enhanced™ light bulbs (for slightly whiter light).

    What are the benefits of full spectrum lighting?

    Feeling and seeing better! Full spectrum light provides light containing the full visible light spectrum. Plants love full spectrum light, as do people and pets; basically all living creatures need sunlight to thrive, and full spectrum lighting strives to encapsulate that indoors!

    Some benefits: improved mood, productivity, and enhanced visual clarity among others.

    Are full spectrum bulbs similar to light therapy boxes? Will they benefit someone suffering from SAD?

    This is a great question! While full spectrum light bulbs definitely help those suffering from SAD, they are not considered a standalone treatment for seasonal depression. Light therapy boxes provide a much stronger intensity of light and can be used only for about 30 minutes a day, while Chromalux® full spectrum lighting can be used without restrictions (like a normal light bulb). We actually answered this question in more detail. Read the differences between full spectrum light and light therapy.

    Are full spectrum bulbs the same as daylight bulbs? 

    No, this is a common misconception. Full spectrum light bulbs have enhanced color rendering properties and a balanced visible light spectrum, similar to sunlight. Daylight bulbs do not necessarily mean full spectrum, but instead refer to light bulbs with a color temperature between 5000 and 6500K, the color temperature range of daylight at noon.

    What is the best or safest light bulb for eyes?

    Chromalux® full spectrum incandescent light! Chromalux® uses neodymium glass to filter dull and harsh light, while creating incredible contrast between colors and textures. Not only will you see better, your eyes will feel less fatigued! For these reasons, Chromalux® has been a top recommendation for low vision population since the 1980s, and has been proven to increase visual acuity.

    What is the difference between flood lamps and PAR lamps? 

    While both are perfect for use in either recessed can or track lighting, the light beam of flood type light bulbs (R style light bulbs) have a less defined edge than a comparable PAR light bulb. Flood bulbs are great for general illumination and covering large areas with light, while PAR bulbs are more like spot lights, with a defined and focused beam of light. 

    Any other questions?

    We love talking health and light: shoot us a message via email, or chat live with one of our lighting experts (available M-F 11am-6pm EST) by clicking on the "ask a question" tab on the right. 


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