We invite you to discover the difference a simple light bulb can make.

The lighting you choose is the lens through which you view your surroundings. With such a profound effect on your well-being, motivation, and general outlook on life, lighting should never be an afterthought - it's the glue that unifies all the other healthy lifestyle choices you make - like whole nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and mindfullness practices - into a beautiful, nuanced, and expressive life.

Enhancing people's lives and the spaces they live in since it was first created in Finland over 40 years ago, Chromalux® is a simple, beautiful tool you'll love to include in your daily wellness arsenal. Because your lighting should work for you, not against you.

Our magic element, neodymium

The original neodymium glass light bulb

All Chromalux® bulbs are made with our signature neodymium glass, neodymium being the element that gives our bulbs their beautiful lavender appearance. 

A natural element abundantly found in Earth's crust, neodymium has some fascinating color enhancing and purification effects.

Acting as a filter for the visible light that passes through it, this element absorbes dulling components of the visible light spectrum (555nm to be exact, the color we know as tennis ball yellow) - to purify your environment and naturally enhance colors and textures. Just like removing haze from the atmosphere: the result is pure and crisp!

Feel Better

Well-being all year round. Chromalux® is designed for extended usage as a healthy replacement for ordinary light bulbs. Chromalux® provides your body with the pure full spectrum light it was designed to receive by closely mimicking nature's sunlight. Chromalux® bulbs contain more of the soothing red spectrum with no peaks or valleys in the visible light spectrum, consistent with natural daylight, and unlike many other types of lighting.

See Better

Enhanced visual acuity. Chromalux® bulbs are naturally low in flicker, and its signature neodymium glass filters glare and creates better contrast and definition between colors, tones, and textures. Thanks to its inherent chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux® has been a top recommendation for the low vision population since the 1980s, and has been shown to enhance visual acuity.

Enhanced Environments

See life in full color. Chromalux® is the original neodymium glass light bulb, which works by purifying the visible light spectrum, removing glare and dulling frequencies while strengthening red, blue, and green values. As a result, light is filtered, cutting glare and revealing the most beautiful crisp and vivid colors. Under Chromalux® light, you'll notice colors, textures, and tones become more vibrant and your home more alive. We like to say Chromalux® is like photoshop for real life!

Chromalux® Incandescent

Best for: night time, reading, EMF-safety
Light Appearance/Energetic Effect: Warm, soothing & nourishing

A true incandescent light bulb. This bulb creates the ultimate soothing and pleasant oasis of light. The best possible light bulb for your health, these are highly recommended for the sensitive among us. Whether you're photosensitive,  have vision impairments, or are either sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) or wish to reduce your exposure to EMF, these bulbs will feel like a warm and nourishing hug. If you have plants and/or pets at home, they too will enjoy the warm glow of Chromalux® incandescence! Perfect for nighttime/evening usage.

Chromalux® Enhanced™

Best for: All around
Light Appearance/Energetic Effect: Pure, vivid, and uplifting

If you're searching for a healthy and beautiful alternative to conventional light bulbs, this is it. This is a perfectly balanced full spectrum light bulb to support your health and wellbeing. Slightly whiter in color and a pinch brighter than its incandescent sister, the Chromalux® Enhanced™ line of standard and flood bulbs offer all incandescent has to offer, in a color perfect for morning and daytime use. Perfect for any time. 

Chromalux® LED

Best for: The energy-conscious
Light Appearance/Energetic Effect: Similar to Chromalux® Incandescent (3000K), similar to Chromalux® Enhanced™ (4000K) 

While LED may have a bit of a bad rap in health communities, our Chromalux® LED bulbs minimizes many of the potentially harmful LED light effects. Using our classic neodymium glass makes these bulbs as soothing as traditional Chromalux® and beautiful to look at, while minimizing blue light output. Finally, a muted, beautiful version of what is traditionally garish LED lighting! 

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