New To Chromalux®?

Welcome! Chromalux® is the first neodymium glass full spectrum light bulb, and has been illuminating American homes with soothing, purifying light for over 40 years. Chromalux is a unique bulb with origins in Finland. Read more about our story here.

Neodymium glass

All Chromalux® bulbs are made with our signature neodymium glass, the element that gives our bulbs their lavender appearance. 

Neodymium acts as a filter - absorbing dulling components of the visible light spectrum - to purify your environment and naturally enhance colors and textures. Think of it as removing haze from the atmosphere: the result is pure and crisp!

The different Chromalux® collections

All Chromalux® bulbs possess the same light filtering and purification qualities; they all use the same special glass. But we do have a few different collections of bulbs using different light technologies. The following are the different Chromalux® collections, with a quick description of each and the audience we believe each is best suited for. 

Chromalux® Incandescent bulbs: The healthiest light bulb

Best for : The sensitive and healing

This bulb creates the ultimate soothing, comforting, and pleasant oasis of light. These are true incandescent bulbs. The best possible light bulb for your health, these are highly recommended for those with any eye sensitivity, injury, or disability, those sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) or wishing to reduce their exposure to it. Plants and pets respond well to this type of light too. 

Chromalux® Enhanced™ bulbs: An all around great bulb

Best for : The general health enthusiast

Slightly whiter in color and a pinch brighter than its incandescent sister, the Chromalux® Enhanced™ line of standard and flood bulbs offer what we believe to be the best of both worlds: more light output with less energy consumption, packaged in a healthy light bulb. 

Chromalux® Halogen bulbs: Pure, Vivid Colors

Best for : The healthy home decorator

The Chromalux® halogen line of narrow flood and spot lighting makes for a beautiful, vivid, and color-correct environment. Use Chromalux® PAR and MR16 lamps to decorate your home with warmth and purity. 

Chromalux® Neo Glass LED bulbs: The best of both worlds

Best for: The energy-conscious

While LED may have a bit of a bad rap in health communities, our Chromalux LED bulbs minimize many of the potentially harmful effects of LED light. Using our neodymium glass makes these equally as soothing as traditional Chromalux, offering a muted version of LED light that is actually beautiful to look at, while minimizing blue light output.