Lumiram Aurora™ 10,000 Lux Full Spectrum Light Therapy Box


The flagship full spectrum bright light therapy box for SAD by Lumiram

Provides the necessary 10,000 Lux of UV-free full spectrum bright white light at a 2-foot distance.

🌓 resets circadian rhythm and restores healthy sleeping patterns

⚡️ immediately increases energy and alertness

😊 improves mood and productivity


Whether you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or generally feel a little off during the winter, light therapy restores some zing to winter life!

Sunlight is an essential ingredient in life, but many of us don't get enough of the bright, health-stimulating light we need - especially around this time of the year. As the days get shorter leading up to winter, we get less time under the bright sun which is necessary to keep our circadian cycles and health in balance.

The awakening effects of Aurora™ are immediately noticeable; you'll start to feel more alert, energized, and motivated within minutes of turning it on. If you're looking for an extra kick to get the morning going and motivation to cross items off your list, you'll love Aurora's energizing effects - even if SAD isn't a concern for you!

Professional, high-grade quality that will last you a lifetime of winters.

While most light therapy lamps are throw-away, the Aurora™ light therapy box will be in your wellness toolkit for the rest of your life. All you'll need to do is change out the bulbs as needed!

The Aurora™ consists of 2 main components:

- The "Box": an artisan-quality metal case enclosure (with carrying handle) that is hand-made in Brooklyn, NY, with a special prismatic lens covering to deflect glare and filter out any UV. 

-The Light: 2 Lumichrome® full spectrum fluorescent tubes. Made in Germany, Lumichrome® is the highest quality, closest simulation of the noontime sun available in a light bulb (98 CRI, 5000K). This is Lumiram's propriety fluorescent lamp, and no other light therapy bulb out there will match the quality of these particular bulbs.

LED vs. Fluorescent Light Therapy Lamps

While most light therapy lamps these days use LED technology, the Aurora™ light therapy box is one of the few units you'll find that uses full spectrum fluorescent technology. This is especially important for those dealing with SAD, photo sensitivities, or anyone who cannot otherwise tolerate bright LED light.

Coupled with a cozy nook and your morning cup of hot coffee (or tea, if you prefer), winter mornings never felt so good!

This light therapy box also serves as a very effective and portable bright light source: when you're done with your therapy session, simply turn it around to shine against a wall to help illuminate a space!


Note: We do not make medical claims. Please consult your physician or therapist to see if light therapy is right for you. 

Please also note: Aurora® is made to order at our facility in New York. Please allow a few extra days for processing. If your order also includes light bulbs, not to worry; they will be sent separately. 

Your unit includes light bulbs, of course, but you may want to bookmark this link for replacement bulbs in the future or grab some now! 

How to Use
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⚡️increase energy + alertness

🌗 reset circadian rhythm + sleeping patterns

😀 improve mood

Bright Light Therapy

How it works

Without enough of the bright white light exposure needed to stimulate the hypothalamus, a part of the brain linked to the body's internal clock controlling the sleep-wake schedule (among many other things), the body may increase its production of the sleep hormone melatonin while decreasing the production of serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical that helps regulate mood. Light therapy lamps help mimic the approximate brightness and color temperature of sunlight during the day to help to reset the body's internal clock, improve energy, and uplift mood.

Our eyes detect the presence of light through specialized non-visual forming photoreceptors containing the photopigment melanopsin. Melanopsin is most reactive to shortwave blue light, which, if activated by its presence, sends off a signal to our brain's hypothalamus.


Who it's for

The most common use of light therapy is to treat SAD, a type of seasonal depression during the fall and winter caused by a lack of sunshine. But you don't need to suffer from a clinical diagnosis of SAD to enjoy the stimulating benefits of bright light therapy: think of bright white light as a vitamin to be taken each day for optimal health and wellness! 


Does the Aurora™ emit UV light?

While full spectrum fluorescence does emit a negligebale amount of UV, it will all be filtered out by the prismatic lens covering the lightbox.

Is EMF a concern?

No; light therapy is only used for short stints of time each day up to 30 minutes max and shouldn't have any effect. We place more concern on the other light bulbs that are in use all day and night! That said, always choose fluorescent-based models like the Aurora™ over LED if EMF is a top concern.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas, S.C.&.I.
Meets expectations at a good price

Well crafted unit meets expectations. Improvements would include a dimmer and rubber feet on two sides so the unit can be stood the tall way. Satisfied customer and I would recommend to others.