Lumichrome® 1XC Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb – 15, 20, 32, 40W / 5000°K / 96 CRI


Designed for the highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) using Lumiram’s patented phosphor blends, providing a unique color unseen before. The light of the 1XC can be compared to outdoor lighting at Noon, the time of day when light has equal parts blue and red in its spectrum. Applications of this lamp are general and environmental lighting of all types.

Made in Germany to the highest standards.

* The F40 1XC has been phased out and is replaced by F40 1XZ.

F15W-1XC 5000°K 96CRI
CRI: 96
Description: 18″ T8
Diameter: 1″
Length: 18″
Lumens: 740

F20W-1XC 5000°K 96CRI
CRI: 96
Description: 24″ T12
Diameter: 1 ½″
Length: 24″
Lumens: 1,710

F40W-1XCZ 5700K 96CRI
CRI: 97
Description: 48″ T12
Diameter: 1 ½″
Length: 48″
Lumens: 3,380

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