Lumichrome® 1XX Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb- 15,18,30,32 & 40W / 6500°K / 98 CRI


The Lumichrome® 1XX is our most popular fluorescent lamp. With a color rendering index (CRI) of 98 out of 100, it provides the closest possible replication of natural sunlight in an artificial light source.

Using Lumiram’s patented phosphor blends, the light of the 1XX is a bright and natural white. If you were to turn on this lamp in a windowed room with natural daylight, you would be hard-pressed to distinguish a difference between the two lights!

We've seen this lamp work equally well in a variety of applications: everywhere from art studios, health facilities, dental labs, and office spaces. You really can't go wrong.

Made in Germany to the highest standards.

F18W-1XX 6500°K (98CRI)
CRI: 98
Description: 24″ T8
Length: 24″
Lumens: 1,350

F30W-1XX 6500°K (98CRI)
CRI: 98
Description: 36″ T8
Length: 36″
Lumens: 2,800

F32W-1XX 6500°K (98CRI)
CRI: 98
Description: 48″ T8
Length: 48″
Lumens: 3,050

F40W-1XX 6500°K (98CRI)
CRI: 98
Description: 48″ T12
Length: 48″
Lumens: 3,450

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