Lumichrome® 2X Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamp from Finland - 40W/ 3900˚K (Natural and Soothing)


One of the original lamps from our beloved Lumichrome® full spectrum fluorescent lineup is back in stock!

Designed and made in Finland, this unique fluorescent lamp imparts a soothing and pleasant Chromalux-esque natural light on all interiors. If a daylight full spectrum fluorescent doesn’t suit your needs, you’ll find your perfect match in the warm and soothing color of the Lumichrome 2X.

Be sure to try out this unique lamp before we run out!


Description: T12/ 48’’
Length: 48''
Diameter: 1.5'' (T12)
Color Temperature: 3900˚K
Wattage: 40W
95 CRI
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