Benefits of Chromalux®

See better: Eye Health,Visual Comfort+Acuity

Chromalux bulbs are naturally flicker-free, and their signature neodymium glass filters glare and create better contrast and definition between colors, tones, and textures.

Thanks to its inherent chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux has been a top recommendation for the low vision population since the 1980s, found to increase visual acuity in those with age-related or other sorts of visual degeneration and/or sensitivities.

Chromalux works for more than just the low vision population, though. Anyone can feel the soothing difference of living, reading, or working under Chromalux light.

While all Chromalux bulbs provide soothing vision benefits, it’s the soothing light of Chromalux incandescents in particular worth noting- our eyes simply prefer the analog glow of incandescence - the type of light our beautiful sun provides!

Feel better: Well-being all year round

Chromalux bulbs are designed for extended usage, as a healthy replacement for ordinary light bulbs.

By closely mimicking nature’s sunlight, Chromalux provides your body with the pure full spectrum light it was designed to receive. With no peaks or valleys in the visible light spectrum, Chromalux bulbs actually contain more of the soothing red and violet spectrum, consistent with natural daylight, and unlike many other types of lighting.

Enhanced Environments: Pure+Vivid Colors

Chromalux is the original neodymium glass light bulb, which works by purifying the light spectrum, removing glare and dulling frequencies, while strengthening violet, red, blue and green values. As a result, light is filtered, cutting glare and revealing the most beautiful crisp and vivid colors.

Under your new Chromalux light, you'll notice colors, textures, and tones become more vibrant; and your home, more alive. 

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