Lumiram Crisp™ High Power (3000 lumens) Full Spectrum PAR 30 LED 40W


Perfect for commercial applications, such as stores, galleries, and museums. Not recommended for residential usage, unless you have extremely tall, lofted ceilings greater than 15'. For homes, try this bulb instead!

Best suited and recommended for commercial/retail high ceiling applications where high lumen output is required, the 40 Watt high power LED PAR bulb provides 3000 lumens of bright, yet energy efficient light in 3 color temperatures (warm white, natural white & cool white). It provides the equivalent light output of a standard 100 Watt Incandescent.

Enjoy the clarity and color-rendition you’ve come to love from standard Chromalux® bulbs- in an energy-saving, heatless LED version!

Please note: This is a non-dimmable bulb. Use with dimmer switches (even at full brightness may cause this bulb to fail and/or flicker.

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