Lumiram Natura™ LED Fluorescent T8-48''


Healthlighting’s new  bi pin  4ft T8LED fluorescent replacement tube uses 44% less energy than a 32W or 40W standard fluorescent tube light and lasts nearly twice as long, which translates to lower power bills and less frequent lamp replacements. With these ballast-bypass tubes, (just disconnect the existing ballast) , you can quickly convert any 4ft fluorescent troffer to LED in under 10 minutes and start saving energy right away. 

  • Average Rated Life: 30,000 hours

  • Lumens: 1500

  • Wattage: 25W (replaces T8 F32W or T12 F40W standard tube)

  • Can be dimmable using dimmable ballast

  • Base Diameter: 1’’

  • CRI: 88-91

  • Aluminum housing with heat sink

  • Wide operating temperature range - "instant on" even in extremely cold temperatures

  • Universal voltage range 100 ~ 277 VAC

  • No hum, strobing or flickering

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Mercury, Lead, and UV free

  • RoHS compliant, no Pb

  • FCC, CE certified

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