Some of us may never get used used to the rapidly diminishing days. But there’s always a way to improve how you feel! Follow these 3 tips to not feel the darkness hit!

Get Outside More

Did you know that the average American spends 93% of their life indoors? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this amounts to about half of one day a week spent indoors. If this sounds like you, make the effort to spend each day outside on a walk, without your phone or other devices. If possible, try to wake up earlier and squeeze a walk in before work. Take your lunch, and maybe a meeting or two, outside, rather than in a conference room.

Use Full Spectrum Lighting and Introduce a Light Box into your Daily Routine

Feel and see a huge difference in your mood and energy when you use full spectrum lighting. Just as we (hopefully) try to put whole, nutritious food in our bodies, we should aim to keep only high quality, full spectrum lighting in our homes, offices, and indoor spaces.
Professional grade lightboxes, such as the Aurora™ Lightbox provide 10,000 lux of light and minimal UV to mimic natural sunlight, allowing the body to believe it is getting real sunlight! With diminished daylight hours and less intense general sunlight during the fall and winter months, the mind and body begins to feel depleted and sluggish, a direct correlation to the effect of sunlight on our health. Introducing these two elements should boost your spirit and energy levels in no time. With 93% of our lives spent indoors, there really is no excuse for lousy lighting!

Connect to Nature

When’s the last time you were surrounded by mostly trees, the sound of a murmuring brook, and tree branches under your feet? Make an effort to spend at least one (if not every) weekend on a hike of some sort, away from asphalt roads, cars, and cell towers. A quick Google search will undoubtedly bring up a whole slew of great hiking trails within reasonable driving distance of your home. Studies have shown that ‘forest-bathing’, as it is sometimes called, has numerous positive effects on memory, feelings of anxiety, energy, inflammation, and overall health.

These tips also serve as part of a healthier, more functional life, so feel free to share on!

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