Full Spectrum Avian Sunshine 5 UVB - 20 Watt Full Spectrum Light for Birds


Our best full spectrum light for birds!

These full spectrum compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) provide birds with pure white illumination that closely simulates natural sunlight and provides beneficial ultraviolet rays in the 290 to 400-nanometer range (U.V.A. + U.V.B.) 

Provides pet birds with the sunlike white light and UV rays they need to thrive! 

For even more benefit, use these in conjunction with traditional Chromalux® full spectrum incandescent basking bulbs, to provide your little buddy some nourishing warmth while you get to experience the beauty and vibrancy of their coloration! 

Chromalux® is the original maker of full spectrum light bulbs for birds and reptiles. This particular bulb is excellent for bright white sunlike light and to supplement UVB, whereas our original full spectrum bird and reptile bulb provides a beautiful basking light for some heat and soothing visible light. Try both! 

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