Chromalux® Full Spectrum Reptile Basking Daylight Bulb


The original full spectrum light and heat source for reptiles

Described as the closest thing to natural sunlight, the innovative Chromalux® bulb does more than enhance human and plant life- it enhances and supports the well-being of your reptiles!

Originally designed in Finland for people suffering from stress caused by minimal daylight hours in winter, Chromalux® lights are made of a special composition glass containing neodymium, an earth element with fascinating color-altering properties.

This translates to a crisp light that mimics the full light spectrum of natural daylight, with the added benefit of showing off your pet's colors and skin textures!

Thanks to this modified color spectrum, the Chromalux® full spectrum reptile lamp provides reptiles in captivity with a bright light and heat source that closely mimics the spectrum of natural sunlight (infrared, full visible spectrum, and UVA). Pet reptiles will love basking in the gentle warmth generated by a Chromalux® light beam, just as they would in the sun!

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