Portable UVC Light Sanitizing Wand


This portable UVC sanitizing wand quickly and easily sanitizes surfaces up to 99.9%!

Featuring an LED UVC light, use this wand to easily sanitize any surfaces you use daily, such as your phone, keys, wallet, and any table surfaces!

To use, simply sweep the wand back and forth about 5 cm above the object you'd like to sanitize for 10 seconds.  


Wattage: 1.5W
LED UVC light with wavelength 275-285nm
Rechargeable lithium battery. Charging cord included. Works up to 7-10 hours per charge. 
Portable and small size: 7'' long x 1.5'' wide. 
In addition to sanitizing light, this wand also features an LED flashlight, making this sanitizing wand the perfect travel companion for our current times!
* As an extra safety precaution, the wand will not turn on when face-up in order to avoid shining UV light in your eyes! 

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Jean H.

This is an amazing light, slim device, which is comfortable to hold. Small size makes it convenient for traveling.