Just because daylight is on a steep decline doesn't mean you can't still feel great this fall or winter season! Read on for some of our top tips to feel best this winter! 


1. Get sun every morning

Since artificial lighting does a great job simulating sunlight, this one’s more for general wellness of spirit than anything. There is nothing like some time outdoors to clear the mind in the morning before starting your day. Since there won’t be much of it at the end of your workday, get it while you can!


2. 20-30 minutes of light therapy every morning

We love using light therapy for a boost with your cup of morning coffee, or use it first thing in the morning to shake any grogginess and get ready to take on the day a bit faster. Not sure what counts as light therapy? Learn all about full spectrum bright light therapy here.


3. Minimize blue light exposure at night

Blue light is the stimulating portion of the light spectrum, and while bright amounts of blue light generates the biggest response by the body, the presence of any blue light is stimulating just the same.

To fall asleep at faster at night, you’ll want to start swapping out those daytime bright white light bulbs to something warmer in color. Whether that means warm white LEDs or incandescents is up to you! 


4. Use incandescent lighting for some extra “nourishment”

All lighting technologies have their strong points. In the case of incandescent, that strong point is the extra energy provided in the form of infrared. So while incandescents might not be the most “efficient” source of visible light, throwing off as much if not more heat energy than light, in our view, that’s not energy wasted - especially during these darker, cooler months.

There’s nothing cozier then reading or working by incandescent light this time of year.  In many ways, we view an incandescent (more so a Chromalux® incandescent for the added color benefits), as a wellness tool  as much as a light bulb.

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